AI Document Query System

Description: The AI Document Query System is a simple yet powerful proof of concept application designed to showcase document ingestion and query capabilities using AI. This application allows users to upload documents, extracts text chunks from them, and stores them in a database for easy retrieval. It leverages AI-powered natural language processing to answer user questions based on the stored documents.


  1. Document Import: Users can upload PDF documents into the system.
  2. Text Extraction: Upon upload, the application extracts text chunks from the documents.
  3. Database Storage: Extracted text chunks are stored in a database for efficient querying.
  4. User Query: Users can ask questions related to the documents stored in the database.
  5. AI-powered Answering: Utilizes AI models to search and retrieve relevant information to answer user queries.
  6. Simple Interface: Provides an intuitive interface for users to interact with the system.

Purpose: The primary goal of this Proof of Concept is to demonstrate the fundamental workflow of importing documents into a database, extracting meaningful information, and utilizing AI capabilities to respond to user queries. While simplistic, it showcases the potential of an AI-driven document query system that could be expanded and adapted for various use cases.

Target Audience: This application is designed for individuals or businesses seeking a streamlined solution for document management and quick access to information using AI-driven querying.

The system is currently operational and accessible through the following link.

Note: This is a simplified proof of concept aimed at demonstrating the core functionalities of the system. Future iterations may incorporate advanced features like document classification, improved AI models, user authentication, and enhanced UI/UX.

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